Unlock your leadership potential and lead with confidence in the Leadership Skills Short Course – Empowering Leaders for Success. This course is designed to equip you with the skills needed to inspire others and achieve excellence. Through fostering a culture of innovation and creativity, you will make a lasting impact and elevate your career. Enhancing your communication skills will enable you to engage and influence stakeholders with confidence while mastering time management techniques will optimise your productivity. In addition, you will gain a solid understanding of key leadership theories and styles, allowing you to make informed decisions, solve problems, and effectively resolve conflicts. With this comprehensive training, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the challenges of leadership and lead your team towards success.



This course offers a transformative learning experience for aspiring leaders. By unlocking your leadership potential, you’ll gain the confidence and skills necessary to inspire excellence in others. Throughout the course, you’ll foster a culture of innovation and creativity within your team, creating a positive and dynamic work environment. Effective communication will be a key focus, enabling you to engage and influence stakeholders with confidence, ensuring your vision and goals are effectively conveyed. Moreover, the course will help you master the art of time management, allowing you to optimise your productivity and set a strong example for your team. With a comprehensive understanding of key leadership theories and styles, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions, solve complex problems, and effectively resolve conflicts. This short course is your gateway to elevating your career and making a lasting impact as a successful leader.





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Units of Study

This qualification contains a total of 3 units. 


Accredited Units:

  • BSBTW401 - Build and sustain an innovative work environment.


  • BSBLDR412 - Communicate effectively as a workplace leader


  • BSBPEF402 - Develop personal work priorities

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Course Duration

This qualification is self-paced.

Course Fees

Please contact us for information on our pricing and payment options.

Career Opportunities

Successful completion of this qualification may lead to employment as a:


  • Innovation Manager: The knowledge and skills gained in building and sustaining an innovative work environment can lead to a career as an innovation manager. You would be responsible for driving innovation initiatives, fostering a culture of creativity, and implementing strategies to promote innovation within an organisation.
  • Team Leader/Supervisor: With enhanced communication skills and the ability to effectively lead in the workplace, you can pursue roles as a team leader or supervisor. You would be responsible for managing a team, providing guidance, and ensuring effective communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Project Manager: The skills developed in developing personal work priorities can be valuable for a career as a project manager. You would oversee and coordinate projects, ensuring that work priorities are aligned, and effectively communicate with stakeholders and team members to achieve project goals.
  • Entrepreneur/Consultant: Equipped with a combination of innovation, communication, and personal work priorities skills, you could explore entrepreneurial ventures or work as a consultant. You would help organisations develop innovative strategies, improve communication practices, and optimise personal work priorities for success.
  • Leadership Development Specialist: Your expertise in building an innovative work environment, effective communication, and personal work priorities can be leveraged in a role as a leadership development specialist. You would design and deliver training programs to develop leadership skills and promote a culture of excellence within organisations.


These are just a few examples, and the specific career opportunities will depend on factors such as your prior experience, industry, and the job market. However, completing this leadership short course can provide you with a solid foundation to excel in leadership and management roles across various fields.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification. However, students may be required to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment to determine any learner support requirements.

For all students undertaking nationally recognised training in Australia, it is mandatory to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). To make your USI, visit the Australian government page here: Create a USI.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Completed similar courses or training? If students hold prior relevant work experience or formal qualifications issued by other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), these may count as credit towards specific units. Please contact us for more information regarding eligibility or applications for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Further Information

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