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Kidz Foodz Inc is a non-for-profit organisation promoting social cohesion and positive employment outcomes for the people of the Gold Coast.

The Food to Live and Food for Thought projects, funded through the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative, provides a chance for the unemployed, disengaged or disadvantaged to engage in meaningful community contributions while gaining valuable knowledge and skills in a realistic work environment, resulting in participants becoming gainfully employed. Because many children and their families have very busy lifestyles and schedules, food has become low on the priority scale.  Children are going to school without breakfast, eating take out or frozen meals for dinner (full of preservatives).  All of this equates to an unappealing future.

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Nutritional Food

Obesity and Chronic Diseases at a young age is happening right before our eyes.  Hence the reason, we are putting food first in our mission to provide nutritious food as fuel for the people of today. Our goal is to have a positive change on society, step-by-step and meal-by-meal

Active & Healthy

We want active and healthy people to feel energised while learning through the day and for this reason we ensure our food is sweetened naturally but tastes and looks great. Children eat with their eyes, so we have a staff of qualified and enthusiastic chefs willing to donate time and effort to create appealing and healthy options for meals and snacks for the children of today

Innovative delivery

Our commitment to innovation isn’t limited to the food we create.  It is about how we reach our target market i.e. youth of today & the homeless.  We deliver healthy and fresh meals to a wide demographic group of people


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